Retro Peaches - Behind the Curtain

Posted by Mandy Kowitz on

Vintage inspired clothing for the juiciest peaches in the world!
As someone who has worked in dance costume design for the past 10 years, finally getting to create something close to my heart has been a long time coming. Vintage fashion has always been a love for me and getting to put my dance costuming skills into this new project, makes it all the more fun. To me, incorporating the comfortable and stretch fabrics of the dance world with vintage inspired fashion always made sense.
dance costume
As a curvy girl, it is hard to find true vintage pieces in my size that were both beautiful and wearable. This started the idea of making all vintage inspired clothing in stretch, because everyone deserves to be comfortable, regardless of size.
Like most girls who have fallen in love with vintage culture, the images of Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball and Jane Mansfield has always influenced my
clothing choices. Meaning that for all your lovely ladies, I am hoping to create beautiful and classic pieces, that are also a little bit cheeky.
I hope you enjoy our pieces as much as I've enjoyed designing and creating them. 
- Mandy Kowitz

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